3 Things You Missed At Coronado SAFE's Coffee Talk Share +

Posted by: coronadosafe 4 months, 2 weeks ago

3 Things You Missed at Coronado SAFE’s Coffee Talk

Last week Coronado SAFE held a dynamic Coffee Talk titled, “Parenting The Positive Discipline Way” with Lauren Oppenheimer, MSW and Positive Discipline Parent Trainer. Parents who attended received practical tools and left feeling refreshed and empowered. If you missed it, don’t worry! Here are 3 takeaways from the Coffee Talk:


  1. Mistakes are an opportunity to teach. Parents often think disciplining your child means punishing your child so they won’t do the behavior again. However, the word, “discipline” comes from the latin word meaning, “disciple,” “instruction” or “to teach.” Instead of punishing our child, try taking time to teach your children the skills needed to be successful for the future. The speaker said, “Where did we get this crazy idea that in order for our to make children do better, we have to make them feel worse?”
  2. Punishments can model to our children's behavior we don’t want. Children model our behavior. When we yell, name-call, spank, etc. we’re communicating to our children that yelling, name-calling, hitting is appropriate. 
  3. Parents and children need to be calm and regulated before they’re ready to teach/be teachable. One way to do this was utilizing  a, “time-out” or a “time-in.” In a time-out, kids can go to their room and do quiet tasks, like coloring or journaling, and learn how to regulate themselves and gather their thoughts. Other children might prefer a time-in, where children can co-regulate with their parents through hugging, comforting words, deep-breathing together etc. 


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