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Posted by: coronadosafe 1 year, 10 months ago

Every August, we can sense the leisure of summer slipping away.  Kids and parents alike can tend to feel a little sad to leave behind the longer, warmer days of the relaxed and spontaneous summer months.  But if you think about it, this time of year truly benefits all of us. We have the chance to find our rhythm again, renewed. More than ever, we find ourselves to be open to big possibilities.  And we are driven to establish thoughtful routines and mindsets that make us excited to put our best foot forward as we head out the door to our destinations each morning. When we do our best as parents to encourage our families to move forward into the upcoming school year with a fresh start, it improves the way we connect with each other at home, at work, at school, and everywhere we go in our community.  This is important because building meaningful connections with others from day one is a big deal when it comes to achieving success in everything we do throughout the year.

It is critical for our wellbeing to cultivate relationships with the kinds of people who feel like home -- parents, siblings, friends, and friends who become like family.  The people who make us feel that we belong, that we matter, and that we are cared for. The ones who assure us that through thick and thin, we can always rely on their love and support in our lives.

Just as they do for us as adults, meaningful connections with others has the power to shape our kids’ perception of each day’s success.  

Strong positive relationships give kids comfort and confidence to take on challenges.  They give kids the hope and joy that comes from knowing they are not alone and they can always ask for help if they need it.  They give kids the security that at the end of the day, whether or not they aced the test, scored the winning goal, were chosen to be the lead in the play, or were selected for their top-choice college, they are important AND valued.   And they give kids the sense of freedom that it’s okay to try new things, and it’s even okay to make mistakes or fail entirely. Because when parents are available and accessible to help, the worry, fear, and disappointment that a child experiences through failure can actually be healthy.  

Parents have the opportunity to teach their kids how to learn consequences and grow from where things went wrong, rather than fester in shame or anger over it.  They can lead their kids to develop their resiliency and understand a better way for tackling things next time. Lasting resilience is fostered by allowing your children to make mistakes, giving them the space to learn how to practice and correct them, and instilling the belief that you will still be there to accept them unconditionally. 

We challenge you to make this the year you focus your family more on building authentic, supportive connections and less on the scores, grades, titles, and wins your kids achieve.  Those things still matter of course, and should be celebrated! But they are fleeting moments of success, while successful lives can be reaped from deep, meaningful connections over and over and over again.  We certainly want our kids to succeed. Let’s just be sure that one way we’re defining success includes nurturing our lives through our relationships.