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Posted by: coronadosafe 2 months, 1 week ago

This time can be stressful. Even during a supposedly relaxing walk around the neighborhood, we can be thinking about the many things we need to get done. It can be hard to de-stress.

One simple way to “get out of our head” is to be present to the world around us through using all 5 of our senses.

Next time you’re on your walk, try to be aware of what’s around you instead of what needs to be done at home. You can do the activity below by simply observing some of the items on the list.

The point isn't to complete it as quickly as possible, but to fully be where your feet are. This can be done alone or with your household.  So go on a walk and see if you can find:

  • Something you find beautiful
  • Something that feels rough when you touch it
  • Notice what you see in the sky
  • Something that feels cold when you touch it
  • The sound of laughter
  • Music coming from a car
  • Something that is purple
  • Something that is orange
  • Something that is pink
  • Something that is red
  • The smell of food
  • The colors of people's doors
  • Something that is smooth when you touch it
  • Something that smells good 
  • A flower with multiple colors
  • Birds chirping or singing