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Posted by: coronadosafe 6 years, 7 months ago

Oct. 2014

Rarely do families consider putting a family plan down on paper. But simliar to the way that all successful organizations create annual strategic plans and priorities, families can discuss their own unique vision, mission, and purpose in order to clarify how each member can contribute and encourage one another to fulfill these achievements.  Setting long-term goals as a family provides the guide that helps define the role each member plays within the unit and thus how to conduct daily decisions based on what it is the family would like to accomplish. Family visions help parents and kids live with purpose and ultimately unites the family under a core set of shared goals and values.  

So how do you create a family vision?

Creating a vision board with your loved ones is a place to begin.  As a family, determine what values, goals, and purposes you want to fulfill and put together your own unique board that is a fun project for the family.  

Check out these great resources to help you get started:

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Make it fun! Get creative with your vision board

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