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Building resiliency and connection within our Coronado homes.


While schools are closed and parents are sent to work remotely from home, families worldwide are challenged with keeping kids healthy, happy, and active. Parents are struggling to balance working from home while children roam the house in search of entertainment or attention from their parents and/or online friends.  Of course, we want to keep our children away from the panic, but what do we do instead?

Keep Routines

            In efforts to calm child anxiety and fear, experts are recommending building a regular schedule for kids to follow.  Keeping regular sleep and meal times while building school-like routines will help kids know what to predict in their days while providing space to grow their brains, exercise, get creative and maintain connection. We suggest posting a schedule somewhere in the house. Including times or setting timers can be helpful for our younger kiddos. We recommend including the following.

  • Wake-up
  • Breakfast
  • Art
  • Reading quietly
  • Academic Work
  • Lunch
  • Exercise (dance videos, online workouts, competitions, bike rides, walks etc.)
  • Chores
  • Educational Video
  • Dinner
  • Connect with friends on social media, face-time, or phone calls
  • Games or Movies with the Family
  • Bed Time
Routines can be challenging to enforce with parents working. For a list of online resources, including free educational apps, exercise videos, mindfulness and creativity, reach out to If you or your child is having trouble adjusting to social distancing, Coronado SAFE is offering free 15-minute check-in's to all members of the community in addition to our youth and family with Telehealth counseling services. Click Here
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