Forget Resolutions: 4 Ways to Revitalize yourself in the New Year Share +

Posted by: coronadosafe 3 months, 1 week ago

By Coronado SAFE, featured in Coronado Magazine 

Two thousand twenty has been a chaotic year, the usual new year's resolution may not suffice, it may be time to think outside the box. Most resolutions in a typical year deal with change-- losing weight, eating better, finding time to read more books-- which are all noble pursuits. These are the types of actions we take to change ourselves for the better. Think for a second about all the change we have experienced just out of necessity, such as working remotely, distance learning, and changing plans at a moment's notice. If you really look at it, because of the pandemic, many of us are more resilient. This year instead of trying to invent a new you, take a minute to ponder the changes that have been forced upon us and give yourself a pat on the back for simply surviving these changes. It is time to give ourselves and others a little grace.

Keeping up with the Jones is an age old phenomenon of constantly comparing yourself with your neighbor. This could sound like, “who has a nicer house” or “My child is struggling with remote learning, am I a bad parent?” We have all had similar thoughts, and it's counter productive. Take time to give yourself credit. The scope of the challenges we have faced are unprecedented in our lifetime. Assess the enormity of it and we just might realize we haven't done too bad after all. 

As we enter the New Year it might be time to dig deep and recognize our own goodness, our strengths and our needs. We are often more critical of ourselves than others. Here are 4 ways to recognize and operate out of a place of inner-acceptance and inner-strength this new year:

Remember Our Basic Needs Come First

It is ok to set goals even if they are lofty. Achieving these goals may be difficult if you are not in touch with the three areas of your life that hold the keys to success, mind, body and soul. Throughout your day check in with yourself and ask what your body needs. Do I need to eat? Is this food nourishing me in the way it needs to? Am I getting enough sleep? Do I need to move my body? Do I need to take a mental break from my computer? Do I need to connect with a friend? Do I need to pray or practice mindfulness? Do I need alone time? Between the challenges of working from home or distance learning, it’s important to give yourself permission to take care of your needs.

Set Boundaries

Sometimes to take care of our basic needs, we need to set boundaries with ourselves and with others. This might look like turning down an invitation from a friend, delegating tasks at home, or not checking emails outside of work hours. Working from home can make it all too easy to have weak boundaries when it’s time to work and when it’s time to be, “off the clock.” Ultimately, by saying “no” to something is saying, “yes” to something greater. 

Use Affirmations

Notice the way you talk to yourself. Then ask yourself, “Would I talk to someone I loved like this?” Give yourself the same grace you might extend to someone else. One way to do that is to tell yourself affirmations that honor your goodness such as “I’m only human.” “I’m a good person who makes mistakes.” “I am capable of what lies ahead.” “I am lovable no matter what.” “This is hard and I can ask for help.” You can also practice this with your children by saying affirmations like, “I know this is hard and we’re going to get through this together” “I believe in you.”

Reach Out to Others

Asking for help is easy if we realize that we all need it from time to time.  Nobody can do it alone.  Don't let pride keep you from asking for assistance.  The simple act of asking for someone's help may allow that person to have the courage to ask for help themselves. The village will provide if you let it. We live in a dynamic community full of knowledge and helping hands. Let's all strive to break down those walls and get to know our neighbors. What can you do to enrich your neighbors lives while allowing them to share their gifts with you?

In summary take stock of all the things you have accomplished during these tough time while giving a nod to how you may have done some things better.  Take credit for the wins and assess the losses. Resolve to take care of yourself, a healthy you is the key to helping others.  The resources you may need are a stone's throw away. Many youth and families in Coronado utilize Coronado SAFE’s services to help them help themselves.  The best way to succeed is to get out in front of these issues before they reach a critical level.  SAFE can provide much needed tools to avoid crisis before it takes hold.  There is no shame in community, we are after all, the sum total of all our parts. To learn more about Coronado SAFE’s counseling, programs or workshops go to or call 619-522-6884.  If not SAFE, then find a trusted source of support, SAFE also helps with referrals and resources available.