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Posted by: coronadosafe 8 months ago

Dr. Russ Harris said, “When we are facing a crisis of any sort, fear and anxiety are inevitable; they are normal, natural responses to challenging situations infused with danger and uncertainty.  

It’s all too easy to get lost in worrying and ruminating about all sorts of things that are out of your control: what might happen in the future; how the virus might affect you or your loved ones or your community or your country or the world – and what will happen then - and so on. And while it’s completely natural for us to get lost in such worries, it’s not useful or helpful.”

Instead, it is more helpful to think about what is in your control and what you can do— here and now. Try to complete the activity to the right. On the inside of the circle, label the things you do have control over. On the outside of the circle, write the things you do not have control over. We've provided you with some starting points, try to come up with some on your own!

Next time you’re stressed, anxious, upset, etc. think to yourself, “is this in of my control or is this outside of my control?”