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Posted by: coronadosafe 5 years, 7 months ago

Skills For Life

A new monthly column by Coronado SAFE

Social-emotional intelligence is a key leadership skill and a critical component of success.  Articles touting the importance of emotional intelligence are popping up in the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and most major financial news sources.  Top business schools like Stanford and Yale are incorporating emotional intelligence assessments into their admissions process and offering coursework in developing critical emotional intelligence skills. 

When people lack core social-emotional skills, there is an increase in depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicide. College students today are leaving school, not because they are academically incapable, but because they are emotionally unprepared to handle the demands of college life.  Suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents and young adults. Healthy social emotional skills not only propel us to success but protect us from distress.

Can you recall someone who is incredibly smart or talented yet lacks the resilience to persevere through disappointments and failures?  Or maybe someone who started out in the middle of the pack, only to emerge as the top dog due to determination and “people skills”?  Clearly, as we prepare our children for their futures, we need to consider not only their performance, but their ability to handle failure, negotiate with life’s difficulties, and connect with others in a way that is more authentic than social media and online profiles. 

Join us right here in the Eagle & Journal, for Coronado SAFE’s new monthly Skills for Life column that will address these very issues. These articles will discuss the core social and emotional skills that we all need, like understanding emotions, managing overwhelming situations, developing empathy and cooperation, relying on internal motivation, making healthy choices, negotiating conflict and building networks of support.  These are also the skills we will be teaching the kids and teens throughout our student-enrichment programs.  As parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends, you are the primary model and support for the social-emotional development of our youth.  Coronado SAFE and our coalition of community partners hope to support you in those efforts and work together to set our youth on a course for success long after they leave the schoolyard. 

Coronado SAFE is a small non-profit that has been active in Coronado for over 16 years. S.A.F.E. which stands for Student And Family Enrichment was originally focused on substance abuse. Over the years the organization has evolved to address the underlying issues of not only substance abuse, but also suicide, anxiety and depression. Coronado SAFE has become a trusted resource in social and emotional health in the community. Leaders of Coronado, like City Council Members, the Police Chief, the Superintendant of CUSD, and Principals from both the public and private schools, along with parent leaders come together at the monthly SAFE Coalition meetings to collaborate on the most effective programs (go to for a full list of the SAFE Coalition members). SAFE’s Annual Parenting Conference, monthly Coffee Talks, and on-line resources offer parents tips and tools as they navigate each new stage of parenting challenges.  SAFE’s on-campus programs, clubs, and workshops give students skills and support as they chart their course through a fast-moving world.  For those who need that extra support during times of transition and difficulty, SAFE’s child and family therapists are available.

So keep an eye out for Coronado SAFE and its new leaders as we embark on the 2015-16 year with vigor. Georgia Ferrell, a long-time Coronado resident and graduate of CHS, is our new Executive Director.  She has been with SAFE since early 2014 and brings with her a background in public health and business administration. Her vision and ability to deepen partnerships and collaborative efforts will take Coronado SAFE to the next level. Dr. Monique Reynolds has recently joined Coronado SAFE as the Director of Programs.  She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and brings with her a wealth of content expertise in emotional health and well-being. Check out our website to meet all of our staff and Board of Directors, and to find more information about our programs, how you can volunteer, donate or become a partner.  For those of you on social media, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and stay connected. You can reach Coronado SAFE at our office at 1009 C Ave., by phone 619-522-6884 through email, or on-line at