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Social media and technology are here to stay!  There are so many positive things we get from being online:  increased connection, a surplus of innovation and creativity, an information superhighway, and so much more.  It’s just all about moderation, regulation, and communication.   

Cyber Expert & Consultant (Jon Moffat) 

  1. One screen at a time.  We don’t need to be scrolling through our phones while watching a TV show or movie 

  1. Encourage screen free times or even full days, and set a place in the home where everyone puts their phones and screens overnight. 

  1. Do you know what kind of information the world wide web has about you and/or your child? Google Yourself.  Contact the website owner who published the information and have it removed. 

The Academic Perspective (Karin Melina) 

  1. Parents and educators need to be the regulators of social media and technology 

  1. Utilizing digital citizenship curriculum and literacy in CUSD to educate about bias and fake news. 

  1. Teaching Digital Footprint: The impact of what a youth posts can follow them through out their lifetime, affecting their career and relationships (importance of having conversations around sexting and cyberbullying). 

The Mental Health Perspective (Gia Del George) 

  1. Have mutually collaborative discussions and ask questions to engage, not enlist fear and anxiety. 

  1. Studies show that increased use of social media increases anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia. No more than 3 hours a day for teens is recommended. 

  1. Stranger danger has typically been taught as an in-person concept. Online trafficking occurs more frequently because social media alleviates the physical boundaries and makes it easier to converse with our youth.   


A Few Great Resources: 

Use Common Sense Media:  An interactive website that supports youth and their parents on a variety of social media related topics 

Enable the DuckDuckGo App to ensure privacy and online security while online. 

Go onto World Privacy Forum and learn how to Opt Out.  Jon recommends opting out of as much as you can and staying the path even when it limits your online use. 

Coronado SAFE’s Comprehensive Resource Page: Technology:  A Parent's Guide 

Red flags in social media/technology use:  

  • Being overly affected by likes, hearts, or number of responses 

  • Self-esteem is negatively impacted by often comparing themselves to images seen on social media 

  • Engaging in harmful behaviors like disordered eating or self harm because they are watching it being glorified 

  • Cyberbullying 

  • Excessively using social media as a distraction or way to escape from uncomfortable feelings 

  • Becomes easily irritable or even aggressive if social media/technology is restricted