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Posted by: coronadosafe 6 years ago

Join us for our Coffee Talk on May 18th on Stranger Safety for your child: CLICK HERE

Recent events have reminded us how critical it is to teach our kids Stranger Safety. The term "Stranger Safety" rather than "Stranger Danger" is purposely used in order to lessen kids' anxiety towards others. Practicing Stranger Safety will increase their ability to effectively and confidently enjoy being out in the world without fear. When children are without adult protection, they need to know how to stay safe both with strangers and with people they know. Most people in the world around us are strangers, and most of these strangers are good people - knowing how to identify danger is the first step to staying safe. You can help prepare your child with the following tips and resources.

Teach your kids to:

  • Never talk to a stranger (do not even say "no, no thank you" as that gives the stranger an opening)
  • Never go anywhere with a stranger or get in their car
  • Never take anything from a stranger, no matter how tempting it is (games, candy, puppies)
  • Never open the door for a stranger
  • Have a CODE word with you and those who are safe contacts (i.e. if someone else is picking up your child from school, let them know the CODE word so that your child will know that they are safe).
  • Memorize his/her phone number & address (you would be surprised how many children do not know this)
  • Immediately seek help from a worker or authority figure if lost. Teach your child to stay in one spot if you are separated- they are more likely to stay lost if they go looking for you
  • Stay away from any person or car that is following you or seems to be following you

Remember: Do not EVER put your child's name, phone number, or address in plain view where anyone can see it (i.e. outside of their backpack or clothing).

For a simple guideline on how to talk to your child about Stranger Safety, click on the PDFs below:


Staying Safe Online

Technology and online access has grown significantly in the past decade, and while these provide certain advantages, it is also very important to be aware of the dangers and threats it poses as well. Even though your child may be physically at home, who they are talking to on their phones, computers, and tablets could potentially lead to danger. Make sure you teach your kid to:

  • Never give out personal information online or talk to people you do not know
  • Never send any photos or personal pictures to a stranger online
  • Never agree to meet someone in person that they have met online - unless approved by parents and with parent supervision in a public place

Learning how to use technology responsibly is a huge issue many families are facing today. To learn more about responsible use of technology and online games/social media, CLICK HERE.


Stranger Safety is taught through SAFE's "On Applebee Pond" program at 8 sites throughout Coronado: Crown Preschool, Early Childhood Development Center, Village Elementary School, Silver Strand Elementary School, Christ Church Day School, Sacred Heart Parish School, Southern Baptist Church Preschool, and Sandpiper Montessori School. On Applebee Pond, proudly sponsored by the Coronado Optimist Club, is a creative and unique educational life-skills program that engages kids in age-appropriate lessons through visual puppetry. Students are taken through real-life scenarios (such as a stranger asking them to get in their car) and learn how to react appropriately in those situations. 

Find below a list of resources that are devoted to the safety of children in a variety of settings: