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April 2015

As a part of the character development series, an exceptional learning opportunity was featured on March 24, 2015 at Coronado Middle School for all district and private school sixth grade students. For the past 13 years, CMS and SAFE have been proud to host the Drugstore program made possible from the support of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), local professionals, and other parents and former students who volunteer countless hours to bring this teachable moment to students.   

The Drugstore program is a dramatic presentation of eight educational scenarios, demonstrations and lectures. The students are first brought into what they believe is a drug-education presentation put on by the DEA Department. Once there, a pre-chosen student from the class will pretend to steal one of the "drugs" on the table. Students will then follow the real-life events and consequences of their classmate with facilitated discussions on the choices that were made and how they could have been avoided . 

Students hear from various professional agencies including: law enforcement, the medical/mental health community outreach programs, our own Coronado Police and Fire Departments, the Coronado SAFE coalition, and other professionals in the field, many who are community members.  Parents of the partcipating student perpetrator are also involved in order to bring to life how these decisions not only affect the individual, but the whole family as well.

The program illustrates a clear and concise enactment of the negative consequences of drug and alcohol use or abuse. The program targets middle school aged students with the goal of raising their awareness of making healthy lifestyle choices, in order to prevent future involvement in substance usage or abuse. 

A special thank you so all who volunteered their time and energy - this program could not have been successful without you! Here are some great quotes from students that you've touched:

"I know I won't be forgetting this anytime soon. It could be me, but I'll try to make sure it's not." - Student

"It was an excellent learning experience for me" - Student Perpetrator 

"It taught me a lot more about how bad drugs/alcohol really is. It was such an awesome experience and I learned a ton" - Student

"Seeing the role-play made a huge difference"  - Student


This year, in order to expand on the idea of making positive choices, the elements of nutrition, mindfulness, and creativity were implemented into the program. These teach students to develop their minds and bodies in healthy ways. Find below some great resources that you can utilize to continue these in your home.

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For more on The Drug Store and how to teach your kids to make healthy decisions, visit our programs page by clicking HERE.