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Posted by: coronadosafe 5 years, 2 months ago

Sept. 2014

Beneath all of our constant efforts to achieve success, whether it be for ourselves, our families, or our children, is the sincere desire to be happy. While creating happiness sounds simple enough, our modern society’s cultural beliefs and practices make true and lasting happiness a challenge to sustain.  In fact, despite the incredible advancements over the last 70 years within the United States, rates of happiness have ultimately decreased, and according to the most recent Harris Poll conducted just last year, only one in every three Americans are very happy.

One of the greatest issues factoring into this diminishing number, is the common misconception that happiness is attained through external successes, be it wealth, material objects, or fame.  This myth is created by the constant bombardment of advertisements and media that leave us and our children with empty promises of success and joy if only we buy that product, or get that job, or make that amount of money. 

So what actually makes us happy? Thanks to the ongoing contributions of scientific exploits from the field of Positive Psychology, we have come to a greater understanding that happiness is primarily:

  • ·         Based on individual perception, not circumstance
  • ·         Cultivated when doing the things we love to do 
  • ·         Fostered through selfless acts of service
  • ·         Sustained when we are connected to our family and our larger community. 

The pursuit of happiness is not only the cultivation of warm feelings and temporary satisfaction.  It is proven that truly happy people are healthier, more motivated, kinder, less stressed, and ultimately more successful.

Identifying this difference is a major step towards achieving true happiness, but actively pursuing it is what many of us find difficult, which is why we will be hosting a free movie screening and discussion of “Happy”, an award winning documentary that explores the definition of happiness through powerful stories of individuals throughout the world.  

Re-claim your own power to consciously cultivate happiness.

Join our community on Sunday, October 5th at Lamb’s Players Theatre for this great event and gain insight on how we perceive happiness and how we can implement tools into our everyday lives in order to attain it. 

For more information or to register for this event, click here.  

Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions”

                                                                                                                -Dalai Lama

Join Coronado SAFE, our partners, parents, and community leaders as we champion happiness in Coronado.  As we set our sights on achieving this goal, we invite you to take on the SAFE HAPPINESS CHALLENGE with us! 


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