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(2015 Parenting Conference Blog Series Part 2) 

"Time In is the New Time Out: Receptive versus Reactive Parenting,” will be one of the featured presentations at the upcoming 2015 Parenting Conference “Raising Children in An Age of Overwhelm. Lorraine Hobbs, Director of the Youth and Family Programs at UCSD's Center for Mindfulness will help us explore a less reactive approach to our parenting and give us specific techniques on a more receptive approach that will help us to “learn who [our children] are and to know who we are as guardians charged with their care.”  

Here’s a short excerpt from Lorraine Hobbs, and an innovative approach to Mindful Parenting…

New research about brain development, particularly in the adolescent years encourages a new understanding and appreciation of how our children are “unfolding” in their lives – day by day.  For example, teens are not fully developed until they are 25-27 years old.  The part of the brain that is responsible for executive functions, like concentration, decision-making, impulse control and emotional regulation is actually under construction until the mid-twenties.  Of what importance is this to parents? Because knowing that much of their behavior may be more age appropriate than we thought can help to calm our fears and reassess our expectations.

But, understanding that our teens are hardwired for adventure, that “pushing back” is one of the ways that actually prepares to leave home, is only half the equation.  We also need to understand that we, as parents, hold the key to the most essential part of their development – Integration. In order to be integrated, we have to have a system of communication that is based on integrative communication. This is a fundamental part of their growth and it is our responsibility as caregivers – to support them in this process. 

The question is how?  How do we help them mature mentally, physically and emotionally, so that they are prepared to navigate the challenges of the ever-increasing demands in life?  The answer lies in our willingness to learn who they are and to know who we are as guardians charged with their care.  New ways of thinking about parenting offers a shift in perspective. – one that promotes self-care and self-awareness as a way of ensuring a healthy, balanced, less reactive approach to our parenting.  This new paradigm includes being mindful and compassionate and is designed to help reduce the harmful effects of stress and stress reactivity.  

“Parenting through mindfulness has the potential to penetrate past surface appearances and behaviors and allows us to see our children as they truly are, so we can act with some degree of wisdom and compassion.” - Jon Kabat-Zinn


WHEN? Saturday, January 24th from 8:30am-12:00pm 

WHERE? In a new and even larger bigger venue - THE COSA THEATER, 600 D Avenue Coronado, CA 92118

IS THERE AN EARLY BIRD PRICE? YES! Register before January 12th, and receive $10 per person or couple. Discount pricing available to Military and Grandparents!

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The 2015 Speaker Line Up with include: 

Lucinda Ribant – Motivational Speaker, Therapist, and Parent Educator

Creating Home as the Safe Haven in Today’s Hectic World

Family therapist and lead SAFE parent Educator helps parents redefine their family’s mission, values and purpose to provide kids with much needed stability in today’s hectic world.

Lorraine M. Hobbs – Director of Youth and Family Programs, U.C. San Diego Center for Mindfulness

Time In is the New Time Out: Receptive versus Reactive Parenting

Raising children is often perceived as a challenging and stressful period of life for parents.  Hobbs helps parents adopt mindful practices to reduce stress and reactivity, enhance emotional regulation, and support healthier communication between parents and teens.

Brad Willis – Former NBC network news war correspondent and author of Warrior Pose

Media and Parenting Today’s Child

Willis explores the effect of mass Media on our Children’s Precious Minds and why parents and the classroom can’t compete with the bedazzlement of Facebook, videogames, text messaging and prime-time television dramas.

Jeff Everage – Prior Navy SEAL and Producer of The Joy of Parenting Online Course

Ancient Models for Modern Parenting

Jeff Everage reveals the power behind ancient wisdom drawn from the Bushman in Africa to re-discover ways modern families can live, play and parent.

Sara Vance – Nutritionist, author and founder of Rebalance Life

Are Processed Foods Overwhelming Our Kids' Bodies?

Nutritionist Sara Vance reveals the inconvenient truth of what is lurking in convenience foods, and how they could be impacting our kids’ health.  In this eye-opening, must see presentation, Sara reveals how toxic amounts of sugar and other chemicals can affect our children's physical, emotional, and mental health. This might just change the way you shop for your family.

Parenting Through a New Lens

Adria O'Donnell - Psy.D, Clinical and Consulting Psychology

Dr. Adria O'Donnell, clinical and consulting psychologist will animate how stress and anxiety is impacting your parenting and creating communication obstacles with your child or teen. She will reframe bad behaviors - yours and their's -  as anxiety based & cause you to rethink how you parent.