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At Coronado SAFE, we're committed to helping you keep your kids and teens emotionally healthy and guide them to make decisions that are safe and productive for their tremendous futures. That's why our in-house experts have curated free resources, tips, and advice on trending and essential topics Coronado's families are faced with today.

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Get advice from trusted experts at leading industry publications, medical practices, educational institutions, and more across a variety of topics including drugs and alcohol abuse, anxiety and stress management, social behavior, suicide prevention tips, and nutrition.


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Whether you're a parent, a guardian, an educator, or a youth mentor, we have the advice you need to confidently raise resilient youth, able to face life's challenges.  From building stronger communication habits that help you connect with your kids on a deeper level to information on how to cultivate a more inclusive and supportive culture for every young person in our community, our youth development experts are here to help.

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