What You Need To Know About Vaping Share +

What to Know about Vaping:

  • Teens are doing it socially, because it’s cool, because they want to smoke something “safe,” because it tastes good, and because it’s a risky behavior (dare)
  • It’s easy to conceal vaping and the smell can be hard to distinguish/identify
  • Must be 21 to buy.  Teens are ordering online, buying from smoke shops that don’t check ID, buying from each other, asking adults to buy for them
  • Vape cartridges range from flavored (mint, strawberry) non-nicotine to high-content nicotine.  Marketing and use leads to addiction
  • Chargers look like USB ports, triangle-shaped prongs, magnetic chargers
  • More research is needed to understand all effects of vaping
  • Talk with your teens, be aware of their “stuff”