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Most people agree that technology comes with amazing benefits, but also some serious downfalls. Learning how to weigh the pros and cons of technology while finding balance for your family can be difficult. Below are some good places to start. 

Cell Phone and Device Contracts

Does your family have a cell phone and device contract for daily use? Cell phone and device contracts are a great way to keep open lines of communication surrounding cell phone/device use and family values. The goal of a device contract is not to take control of your child's everyday use, but to establish clear guidelines and boundaries that will help your child maintain control over his or her device rather than the device controlling your child. Below are a few examples of device contracts, please take a look, download, and make edits as fit for your family. It is NEVER too late to start setting boundaries on your childs cell phone use, no matter how old! 

Click HERE to Link to Teen Cell Phone Agreement 

Click HERE to Link to iMom Cell Phone Contract

Downloadable Cell Phone Contract Sample click here

Apps for ALL

Technology is here to stay, the question is, how well does your family manage their screentime? We have created a list of the most up-to-date applications created specifically to help families manage device use while driving, at the dinner table, while studying, at bedtime, and apps that monitors daily use down to the number of times you pick up your phone.

Cell Control

This app is vehicle motion activated and prevents cell phone use while driving. Cell Control disables the use of texting, tweeting, facebook, snapchat, playing games, surfing the web, and taking selfies all while keepping 911 available for emergencies. Learn More HERE

Auto Forward Spy

Auto forward Spy is cell phone parental control software that helps you keep an eye on your children's smartphone or tablet activity, it can monitor the majority of your child's phone and internet activities, and the reports are thorough and intuitive.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is cell phone parental control software that lets you track your kids' internet activity as they browse on their smartphones. With the software, you can also set restrictions and create usage alerts. Its reporting functions are excellent, but its focus is on internet usage only. 

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is the most powerful cell phone parental control software available. It offers the most thorough tracking and reporting, even revealing deleted content and keystrokes. You can set custom alerts and restrictions with it, helping you not just monitor your kids, but ensure they don't access dangerous or inappropriate content.

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For a list of the top ten parental control softwares in 2016 with reviews, pricing, and helpful adivice please click here. Be sure to check back for more great technology tips and tools coming soon!