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Nurture the development of healthy social and emotional skills which are linked to greater lifetime wellbeing and to academic and workplace success. Through our partnerships with Coronado’s public and private schools, and community agencies, we help youth build skills that are needed to mitigate risks and be successful in life through outreach activities, targeted wellness activities, and special events like The Drug Store, Suicide Awareness, and Mental Health Awareness. 

  • Elementary School (Turtle Time):  5-6 week program given to ALL Tk/Kinder classes in Coronado that increases impulse control, emotion management, and healthy decision making.
  • Middle School (Power of Pause/T3):  A 2x a month mindfulness and wellness activity delivered over KCMS to ALL middle school students during their class time. Lunch outreach supports nearly 70 middle school students who want to dig deeper into the activity.
  • High School (Game Club):  Disguised as a game club, the program helps students practice social skills and community building during lunch.  Approximately 50 HS students attend weekly which is significantly more than we expected.



Coronado SAFE works to promote the wellness of all students and parents to enhance strengths and positive development. Through our community services and community partners, we strive to create environments and conditions that support a sense of belonging, well-being, and safety for Coronado families. We Provide:

  • Coffee Talks: Once a month 1-hour interactive presentation given by an expert in the field on a hot topic affecting our families.
  • SAFE Coalition: Once a month meeting with pertinent stakeholders in Coronado (City Council Members, Superintendent, all private and public school principals and counselors, SRO, Police, PERT, Library staff, etc) to collaborate about the social and emotional needs of our community.
  • Aloha Club: A welcoming committee for new families in Coronado. 50 baskets were delivered in early September by volunteers and several new families matched with existing families to increase support and connection.
  • Parenting Workshops: 4-6 week parenting classes that empower our parents with the tools to manage in the moment situations with their child(ren).
  • As well as: Community Outreach; Online Resources and Tools.



Whether we are supporting individuals or families through a difficult season or helping them conquer anxiety and depression, our staff is here to serve the needs of the Coronado community. With backgrounds in Marriage and Family Therapy and Social Work, our therapists offer short-term, confidential, and low-cost counseling services. We aim to foster personal growth, self-awareness, and coping skills by utilizing several evidence-based modalities in 8-session increments such as Narrative Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, CBT, and Art and Play Therapy techniques. We Provide:

  • Screenings/intakes:  Initial support, assess appropriateness, and provides referrals if needed. 
  • Individual and Family Counseling:  8 session module that provides solution focused and strength-based strategies to youth and families struggling with a variety of issues.
  • Counseling support groups:  Offered to youth and parents