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For 4th and 5th Grade Students

Club SAFE is an experiential on-campus learning group that teaches life skills, social skills, and character development to small groups of students during several 8-week sessions throughout the school year. 

The program pays credence to the fact that the 4th and 5th grade marks the transition out of childhood and into the tween years. In fact, many 4th and 5th graders experience heavy emotional changes as their complex inner world of thoughts and feelings begin to develop.

Club SAFE stays on the front end of these changes  so that children are provided with a little extra focused attention. While many Club SAFE students are referred by teachers,  counselors, or parents, many more come by their own request.


Some of these lessons include:

  • Making good choices and exploring consequences
  • Creating positive friendships and avoiding peer pressure
  • Setting goals and resolving conflict
  • Effective communication and social awareness
  • Emotional regulation and self-awareness
  • Building healthy relationship skills

Club SAFE is available through Village Elementary School and Silver Strand Elementary School.

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