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Coronado SAFE’s staff provides confidential Youth and Family Counseling programs and resources to support and guide struggling young people, and those who are raising them, through life’s most challenging circumstances, with the hope of helping them to resolve problems, restore relationships, and enjoy their lives to the fullest.  Coronado SAFE provides several counseling/intervention services designed to raise awareness, educate, and increase coping skills related, but not limited to: Depression & Anxiety; Anger Management; Bullying/Being Bullied; Suicidal Ideation; Drug & Alcohol Use; and, Family Transitions.  Youth and families have often been referred to SAFE by self, peers, parents, schools, law enforcement, or judicial systems. Our services are on a sliding scale based fee system.

Our Services:

Consultation, Information, and Referrals

Our staff provides a detailed screening process supporting intake, triage, and referral services for all youth and families requesting Counseling Services.  This allows for coordination of care in-house or to appropriate referral sites.  

One-On-One Youth Counseling and Family Support Services

Screening required.

Coronado SAFE Counselors typically see teens, pre-teens, and elementary aged students as young as kindergarten.  We also strive to include parents, legal guardians, or even whole families in order to support the family unit. Our counselors have a wide range of skills and training in modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, emotionally-focused therapy, narrative therapy, and family systems therapy.

To schedule with a counselor, click HERE or call 619-478-4066 to set an appointment. 

*Note: Coronado SAFE does not provide immediate crisis intervention services. If you or a family member need immediate assistance please call 911 or contact the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255.


Parent Support Groups

Screening required.

Coronado SAFE provides actionable and encouraging parents-only support groups designed to strengthen parenting skills and confidence to best support their child(ren) through specific struggles and challenges.  Through these support groups, parents learn how to help their young child or teen develop the skills necessary to successfully manage emotions, relationships, and his/her perspective when facing a difficult season in life.  They also provide a place to join into community with other parents who are going through similar highs and lows in their households.

Youth Support Groups

Screening required.

Coronado SAFE leads small targeted support groups for kids and teens who may need more help developing specific social, emotional, or behavioral skills.  These support groups are offered throughout the year in our office or on school campuses.