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Welcome to Coronado SAFE, a community-based education and counseling nonprofit serving the youth and families of Coronado, California.

At Coronado SAFE we specialize in helping young people -- and those who are raising them -- to thrive in life.  By delivering education programs that teach prevention and interventions to improve the social and emotional health of the Coronado community’s youth, as well as providing counseling services, we believe we can inspire and equip kids, teens, and parents to all reach their greatest potential. 

Driven by a desire to keep wellness and family at the center of all we do, our organization serves the Coronado community in the areas of:

Prevention Programs for Youth

Parent and Community Education

Youth and Family Counseling


Resilient youth, able to face life’s challenges 



To provide prevention and interventions that improve the emotional and behavioral health of youth in Coronado. 


Guiding us in our mission are our  core values:  

  • Foster help-seeking behavior by removing the stigma related to mental health  

  • Increase protective factors and reduce risk factors  

  • Utilize best practices in all programs  

  • Celebrate diversity  

  • Employ the family, school, and community to be active participants  

  • Programs and Services are available regardless of ability to pay 


Coronado SAFE is 501 (c)3 non-profit organization providing evidence-based programs that build core competencies to improve the emotional and behavioral health of youth. Our continuum of care (Universal Prevention, Targeted Prevention and Intervention) builds strengths and connections in our youth, their families and the community as a whole.

For more information on ongoing programs and upcoming events visit:

Programs & Services