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Our Prevention Programs for Youth are produced in partnership with each of the community’s schools, serving young people where they are.  We work together to engage, encourage, and equip kids and teens through education and activities that foster the emotional and behavioral skills young people need to learn as they mature through different stages of life.  By introducing kids and teens to different evidence-based methods of connecting well with each other, building personal resilience, and confidently facing challenging situations, we’re able to help them expand their vision and goals for the future and make the most productive, healthy decisions to get them where they want to be.

2019-2020 In-School Programs:


The Board Game Club

Open and available to all interested students.

No registration or screening required.

The Board Game Club is a social skills and relationship-building lunch time program that connects high school students with peers through playing board games.  The program is designed to foster friendships that help to increase self-esteem and empathy for others, decrease levels of anxiety and depression, and create opportunities for healthy interactions with other people in the same season of life.


Power of Pause

Broadcasted all CMS students.

No registration or screening required.

Power of Pause is a school wide program that is implemented twice a month through in-school activities and discussions.  The program helps students become more aware of and in tune with their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors -- as well as those of others -- in an effort to teach them how to confidently process everything from stressful days to conflicts with peers and how to control their response, making responsible decisions along the way.

Annual Drug Store event

Presented to all CMS students.

No registration or screening required.

Once a year, Coronado’s community service organizations come together to teach sixth grade students about the real-life consequences of drug and alcohol use.  More than 100 volunteers including parents, DEA agents, police officers, EMTs, lawyers, judges, therapists, and ministers collaborate through a dramatic, experiential program to present students with everything they need to consider when they find themselves in situations that involve drugs and alcohol.  The aim of the Drug Store program is to encourage students to critically think about their options and make positive, healthy lifestyle choices in the moment when such situations come along in their lives.





Turtle Time

Taught to all Coronado Unified School District Elementary students. 

No registration or screening required.

Turtle Time is an education program that teaches local elementary school students how to cope and respond when situations in life don’t go their way.  Through activities and discussions that follow the story of a turtle’s experience managing emotions like excitement and anger, students learn self-management skills and understanding of what is appropriate behavior in school, at home, and in the community.