When Saying "NO" Isn't Enough Share +

What do you say when NO isn’t enough?

Even when you are confident in your decision not to use drugs or alcohol, it can be hard to just say NO. A lot of times, a simple, “no thanks” may be enough. But sometimes, it can get intense. In a crowd where it seems everyone is doing it or when it’s a friend who is offering, you might need something a little more creative than no. Here are a few tips to handle the pressure:

1. Offer to be the designated driver. Get your friends home safely and everyone will be glad you didn’t drink or take drugs.

2. If you play a sport, you can say you need to keep your mind sharp for the game. No one would argue that a hangover would help you play your best.

3. Using the excuse that you’re allergic to alcohol or that smoke triggers your asthma can be an easy out for not drinking or using drugs.

4. Keep your cup filled with something non-alcoholic. People will be less likely to pressure you to drink alcohol if you’re already drinking something. And if they do, just say “I’m covered”.

5. Find something to do so that you look busy. Get up and dance. Offer to DJ.

6. When all else fails…blame your parents. They won’t mind! Explain that your parents are really strict, or that they will check up on you, or that they drug test you.

If the pressure keeps up, then it’s a good time to find the door. No one wants to leave a good time, but if your friends won’t respect your choice, then it won’t be fun for you anymore.

And the last tip is to avoid putting yourself in these tough situations. If you know that the party is going to have alcohol or that people plan to do drugs at a concert, that’s your chance to make other plans.